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The So-called ''Council Chamber" In this room was held the Conference of the Governors of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts, in 1755, as a result of which taxation of the colonies was recommended, and from this resulted the Revolution.

There are still to be seen the cells where Indians were said to have been kept as prisoners. Augustus Keppel, brother of Lady Caroline Keppel, who wrote "Robin Adair," and son of the Earl of Albemarle; '^General and Com- mander of all & singular our Troops & Forces Edward Braddock;" the staid and troubled governors, who could not raise funds to fight and could not fight without funds; the gay young aides and naval officers, and the galaxy of girls of old Belhaven and lower Fairfax county that must have gathered for social relax- ation after the strain of the council was over.

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R Frontispiece Christmas Greeting from the President General. Probably many of the meetings of the Fairfax County Committee of Safety were held here also, and an important conference in 1785 which eventually led to the framing of the Federal Constitution.

Here Washington is said to have re- ceived his commission as a Major in the Colonial Army.

In 1774 when affairs began to come to boiling point in America, the Fairfax County Committee of Safety was organ- ized with both Carlyle and Dalton as members."^ It is safe to assume that the same room used for the British war ^ See article in October number of this magazine. According to family tradition the first James Franklin was a brother of Benjamin Franklin.

The Dining-Room Around the mahogany in^ this room g hered governors, generals, admirals, colonels, majors, ministers, and laymen, Virginia beauties of the olden days, and Maryland belles come across the river for Birth Night balls, and around the table here has been discussed the growth of this great nation of ours, with its tremendous and absolutely unlooked for development, through a hundred and sixty-five years, and here now one may drop in for a cup of tea, and a chance to think over the changes these old walls have seen.

Here the young aides of Braddock's armies azvaited the young ladies of Belhaven ere they marched away to their defeat in the western wilderness. John Carlyle), writes, ''An- other landmark of old Alexandria is the house on Fairfax street, occupied for a time, through the courtesy of its owner, Major John Carlyle, by the British gen- eral Braddock, and since popularly known as 'Braddock's Headquarters.' This square and substantial stone abode, where the chief scene of the 'Belhaven Tales' is placed, once surrounded by a lawn stretching to the river-bank, is full of associations with colonial days. Washington who drove up from Mount Vernon to 'dine and lie' at Alexandria.

.:; Er^ lli^F'ini^i M99, V,ri T/ PUBLIC LIBRAR Digitized by tine Internet Arcliive in 2012 Iittp:// Daughters of the American Revolution magazine CONTENTS FOR JANUARY, 1917 PAGE. Carlyle himself kept up his interest in local affairs and when the contractor for the construction of Christ Church de- faulted, he took up the work and carried it to a successful conclusion. James Franklin of Bos- ton and wife Jane had a son James who m Jane Endaly, and had a son, Henry, my grand- father, who m Martha Jeffries.

The next two decades brought great changes in the house as they passed. Sarah Fairfax Carlyle died in 1761 at the birth of her second daughter, and Major Carlyle married in a few years Miss Sybil West, who gave a son, George William Carlyle, born in 1765, to the cause of liberty, for at the battle of Eutaw Springs in September, 1781, the lad of 16 lost his life together with half of the corps to which he be- longed, Light Horse Harry Lee's Legion.

The group of ladies in the paneled parlor gather, splendid in trains carried over the arm, lappets and pinners of antique mechlin, powdered locks and superincumbent feathers.

They laugh and chatter, rally the general as to who shall first claim him as her partner in the dance, and sip their coffee from cups of jasper spode.

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The writer retains, to- gether with a bit of puce brocade flow- ered in crimson, green and tarnished sil- ver, representing the glories of Mrs.

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