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The remaining Persons are formed in just the same way, e.r/.

Some- times the word for hand is substituted for head, as, mi be egwa mi nyi, lit. Thus in mi gba-n-g-i = I alone, the mi in its contracted form n appears in the middle of the gba..

in order to say a heavy hox, we should have to express it a hox that is heavy.

The only way in which these Predicate Adjectives can be used as simple adjectives, is by the use of a SIMPLE AND PREDICATE ADJECTIVES 23 relative clause; e.g.

Vocabulary of Words Used okii (salutation) how litafi a book, are you.

Demonstrative Adjectiv^es The Demonstrative Adjectives are as follows, the 24 NUPE GRAMMAR plural in every case being formed simply by the addition of zi — ana, nana this.

When ndo and its compounds follow a word ending with a vowel, the initial n of the ndo is sounded as if it belonged to the word before, being as it were attracted back to the preceding vowel ; e. eza ndoci is pronounced almost like ezan doci, and bagi ndoci like bagin doci.

I with my INTERROGATIVE PRONOUNS 27 head ; wo be 'ti wo nyi, you with your head, etc. Two other peculiar Compound Personal Pronouns exist, which are formed by placing after the simple Personal Pronoun, another word in wdiich the same pronoun is repeated. .nyi=dif- ferent one, and it is used in exactly the same way.

Sometimes a longer form is employed when emphasis is specially needed, as, mi be 'ti mi nyi, lit. Interrogative Pronouns The Interrogatives are as follows — ze, zi, ze, zi, who ?

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CHAPTER IV THE PRONOUN As tliere is no distinction of Case in Nupe, the same form of the Pronoun is used for the Nominative, Objective, and Possessive, and also lor all Genders.

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