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Haspas online dating

Salem Quarterly Court Records and Files, 81, 126, 156, 188. In Memory of M" Anna Bartlett, Relict of Cap* William Bartlett, who departed this life Sep*. ERECTED In memory of Cap""* Benjamin Cleaves, who died Dec' 14*^ 1775; Aged 83 years. Emma Charnock, Relict of M» John Charnock of Bofton & Daug'. Thomas Blowers of this place ; who died Ocf 6*^ 1786; In the 83* year of her age. Anna Cleaves^ wife of Benjamin Cleaves, who departed this Life Nov' 29*** 1792, in the 67*** year of her age. John Blowers WHO DIED JULY Y« i3**» 1748 IN THE 38*» YEAR OF HIS AGE. ERECTED In memory of M" Rebecca Cleaves wife of CAp T Benjamin Cleaves^ who died Sep*.

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ROBERT BRISCO AGED 59 YEARS DEC^JUNE Y« i«Ti724 Come heither Mortal Cast an eye Then go thy way prepare to Dye Here read thy Doom for dye Uiou must One day like me be turned to dust In Memory of M". MARCH i, 1773; IN THE 69 YEAR OF HIS AGE & 44 OF HIS MINISTRY.

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