Oguri shun and yamada yu dating sites dating turnkey websites

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Oguri shun and yamada yu dating sites

Okay, so in regards to Jun and Mao, there are dozens of comments about them ever since Hana Yori Dango.They’ve been speculated to have been dating for 9 years, an executive vice-president was introduced to Jun and Mao at the Oguri household, Jun calls her “Mao” instead of “Mao-chan” in a Hanadan behind-the-scenes DVD (so she probably calls him “Jun” in return), they flew to Hawaii together for Shun’s wedding and were spotted on a double date with Shun and Yu, Friday reporting about their yakiniku date with Toma third-wheeling, people saying that Himitsu no Arashi-chan interactions between Mao and Jun were deliberately toned down so she could promote her drama SP with Nino (Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara), fan theories that JE is giving the green light on releasing these rumours so that it’ll put pressure on their relationship and they’ll break up… I haven’t given much thought as to whether their relationship is real, because it seems like a very in-your-face media ploy to promote Kouhaku or Hana Moyu or whatever, but I did love their on-screen chemistry in Hana Yori Dango, so I’d love to hear that the speculation turned out to be true.That’ll give you all of the leaked photos, and a nice little list of people who they might not have necessarily dated, but it was reported as a rumour anyway. What you say is interesting, yet not completely accurate.Johnny's members are, as long as they are of legal age, almost never reprimanded for their behaviour - at least not openly.

All we can do is just wait and see how things turn out over the next couple of years.You’ll also find that scandals are usually reported for the purpose of media play, like to promote a drama or a TV show, unless it’s really scandalous (which usually results in someone from JE getting reprimanded severely, or kicked out).I think that Johnny’s Jimusho has enough influential power to shut down almost any scandal they want.Please be aware that these are all just rumours though.The validity of these statements cannot be proven unless Arashi or JE addresses the situation. Can you explain to me what the big scandals of Arashi were and maybe even post pictures or something? I’ve just recently made a post about Arashi’s relationship scandals over here.

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