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Our treatment of Japanese CANADIANS in interning them without cause and stealing most of their possessions was shameful to put it mildly; our turning away of Jewish refugees (and even sending many back to their deaths in Europe) was an anti-Semitic blot on our history; and our subsequent failure to expeditiously pursue war criminals who made it here was not our shining moment.

Not to mention those aboriginal residential schools, our second-rate treatment of Asian immigrants, and the racial discrimination practiced for too many decades in jobs and appointments, our residential neighbourhoods, social clubs and even our supposed institutions of higher learning. and although I am fortunately too young to have witnessed most of it, I do remember …je me souviens …

Having a child out of wedlock is pretty much the number one thing you can do to fuck up your life. Never, ever assume a divorced woman is some innocent blushing maid cruelly abused by some terrible man. What kind of insecurities plague a woman who thinks getting married to a drug addict is good idea?

You can pick up a heroin addiction, drop out of high school, rob a bank or decide to write the great American novel financing yourself on your credit cards. You can go to rehab, get your GED, get parole, and pay off those cards. A modern man doesn’t turn up his nose at a woman with some sexual experience who might have learned a trick or two from previous lovers about what men REALLY like, or more likely, she learned how to FIND OUT, but the majority of men would like to see a NEW sign on her uterus. When a man picks a wife, he wants to know he won’t be competing with some random babydaddy who was there before him. A great wife and mother places the needs and happiness of her husband and children ABOVE her own needs, and in doing so, finds her greatest happiness. But a woman who makes YOU the center of her life is going to be a great wife. Oh, that’s the story she’ll spin for you, because really, what women is going to sit there and say “I’m an unbearably controlling and irrational cunt who made my husband’s life such hell he decided he would rather be a weekend Dad than spend one more second with me”. What kind of delusional self-image does a woman have, if she can fall for a con artist with a gambling habit that would shame Charlie Sheen?

And for the love of god, if you decide to give one a spin, STAY AWAY FROM THE CHILD. To give them some hope that it might be YOU, and then leave them is unspeakably cruel. You can’t save those little innocents, but you can save them from hurting even more.

In fact, on this blog I wrote “Memories” in 2008 about my personal experience witnessing what a wonderful black man named Sweeney … went though at the hands of the oh-so-proper White Upper Crust English Montrealers when he just tried to run a neighborhood restaurant. until I explained that, in Montreal, an English person …let alone someone who is Jewish..could NEVER be elected Mayor.If you’re not eating healthfully and nourishing your body in the way it requires to function optimally, you’re setting yourself up to be sick. Veggie Broth – Eat light when you have a cold and enjoy veggie broths with seaweeds.Try making a vegetable broth with celery, cabbage, carrots, leeks, kale, garlic, seaweeds and a mushroom blend.The BC government, the federal government, the Canadian Human Rights Commission … is a suburb of Ottawa that owes MUCH of its economic development and residential growth to its proximity to the nation’s capital. The truth is today that horrible racist view by Francophone Quebeckers that only they are ”pure lain” (pure wool …ie real Quebeckers) still applies in much of Quebec society: outsiders (non French-speaking, non-Catholic, non-white) … Ask black Haitian immigrants who thought they’d be welcome as French-speaking additions to Quebec society. That’s why in recent weeks, there was public outrage …probably even the UN …would have raked them over the coals. And along with that growth have come ethnic minorities, and (YIKES! not opposed, but actually LED by the Quebec French media because, tabernacle, the Canadiens hired a coach who doesn’t speak French. and if you pay attention to what they say down there, you’ll hear/see a lot of racism and xenophobia openly expressed …. It’s time for the “leaders” in our society to start standing up against it.

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