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Ethiopia has some good ideas; Ethiopia has some great practices.And so we’re going to take those lessons learned and join them with other countries, and then hopefully have a strategy that will benefit all of Africa.He was very equivocal, and we will have to wait to see what he really meant.” U.

Or will the thousands of ordinary detainees held in military camps and police stations, often without charge, for peacefully protesting against government policies also be freed?

It might not mean torture is not going to happen in Ethiopia anymore, but it by itself is symbolic.” In its coverage The Washington Post quotes an apt editorial by , as “a time defying institution which has been around for more than half a century, and has been used (and abused) for the same purpose: to detain, without due legal process, people alleged to have committed grave crimes against the state, the people and the constitution.” Moreover, as Human Rights Watch points out: “Does the government’s announcement signal a new approach to dissent in Ethiopia?

Will people be allowed to protest peacefully, without fear of arrest, intimidation, or politically motivated charges?

Title: Risk Control Self Assessment Date issued: 10 March 2010 Risk Control Self Assessment March 2010 Table of Contents 1.

Effective Responses (Style, Respondent and Hierarchical Sign-off) 3.3. Effective Use of RCSA within a Fully Integrated Operational Risk Management Framework 4.1.

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The second point is, yes, we did note and we did discuss with the government about a lot of the challenges, not only the efforts of Ethiopian troops to stabilize Somalia, prevent terrorism and elements from Shabab and ISIS coming into Ethiopia, but also the internal domestic challenges that you face in Ethiopia and the Somalia area, based not only on ethnic divides, land tenure problems, obviously procedures, government procedures, local practices, etc.

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