Websphere not invalidating session une vie a t attendre online dating

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Websphere not invalidating session

If no session ID is found, it assumes a new session is starting and creates a new session ID.

Next a request ID will be assigned to the request and both the session ID and the request ID are added to the request.

Routing is handled by a Dispatcher, regardless of whether a request was sent to a Dispatcher directly or indirectly via a Gateway.

The CMS is implemented as a Java servlet and is the service interface to the IBM Cognos Content Manager (CM), the central component with exclusive access to IBM Cognos BI's application repository known as the Content Store (CS).

As soon as a request is handled by a Dispatcher, it will first check the authentication status of the current session the received request belongs to.

Each service enforces the existence of an already authenticated session before accepting and handling a request in order to prevent unintended access.

This guarantees the client sending the request is identified and linked to an identity.

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A special service, the Presentation Service, proxies requests for pure HTML based clients such as browsers.